usaSmall Biz SEO was started by an industry leading SEO professional that wanted to provide an affordable solution for small businesses to get ranked on search engines. Now you can hire a team of SEO professionals for a fraction of the cost that most other firms charge. Many SEO companies charge $500 or more a month to just to get started. Not only is that a lot of money for a small business many times the keywords don’t yield the traffic and conversions that make it worth while to even bother with SEO. The SEO packages we created are affordable and can help you yield the ROI you business deserves.

Why are we so cheap?

We stripped down our packages to simply the meat and potatoes. There’s no fluff here, it’s pure backlinks on a monthly basis. Even our basic package will push 50+ backlinks a month and chances are your competition isn’t doing SEO yet, so you can capitalize on the market and dominate search engines for less.

Our ethics

We don’t try to trick any search engine, ever – PERIOD. There’s no point, you will eventually get caught and the penality is not worth the risk. We don’t participate in link schemes, link wheels, spamming or anything that could hurt your site and trust with the search engines. Nothing we do will hurt your rankings. Nothing we do will get you banned from search engines. Everything we do is 100% transparent and listed clearly on our packages.


Our mission

To improve our clients rankings on search engines without breaking the bank. We value our customers, no matter how small and we look forward to working with you.